Retail/Deli Cafe/Restaurant
131-133 Murray Street Hobart

27-29 Federal Street North Hobart

+61 3 62312788


Since the Italian Pantry's inception, John Serra and Matteo Rao have had one mandate, "Everyone should be able to afford and cook high quality food for their family and friends".

John, a Hobart born Italian and Matteo, a Sydney born Italian are fiercely proud of their heritage and this transcends into all aspects of their business. Having both worked in their home states and internationally within the food industry combined with their extensive travelling experience they bring a strong mix of culture, passion, family and adventure to this Tasmanian institution. The business has been providing Hobart and Tasmania with the best provincial Italian food, regional wines and beers along with aperitif spirits since 2006. The business has grown and flourished moving from the original site of 200 square meters to a 2000 square meter site in 2010 incorporating the wholesale division that services restaurants throughout Tasmania, and as of April 2016, A brand new retail/deli and café site in a beautiful historic building at Murray street in the city, showcasing the amazing range of retail/deli products and incorporating a new café / restaurant.

They have forged relationships with numerous artisan producers in Italy and this gives them the ability to understand the potential of each product and where it actually comes from, assisting in providing you the best quality service and advice when it comes to you creating your Italian experience at home.

The innovation the pair have shown in procurement is proven as many of their amazing products are now seen as staples in countless restaurant around Tasmania, whilst many try to emulate they struggle to replicate the Italian Pantry magic.

The magic began with Tasmania's first introduction of Italian Prosciutto parma, Prosciutto di San Danielle and has continued with products like Mozzarella di Buffala (Buffalo milk mozzarella in balls), handpicked Porcini and Morelle mushrooms, Sicilian olives and white anchovies, Italian Pane di Alta Muro and Ciabatta, Arborio rice from one of the oldest producers in Italy.

The Italian Pantry, now at our new site in 131 Murray Street, continues to provide to the community products that are extraordinary, pasta from one of the oldest Italian pasta making families is now available directly to Tasmanian families, cheese that is produced a world away can now be found on your table at home, Grana, Reggiano, Gorgonzole and Taleggio.

John and Matteo's ambition at the Italian Pantry is to showcase the best of what Italy has to offer at an affordable price. They honestly believe that everyone should be able to cook great food for their family and friends. At the pantry you can buy the best made products from Italy or dishes created in the pantry for you to enjoy at home. It is real Italian food made by real Italians, fatto a mano (made by hand).